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About Our Photographer: Crissy Everhart

Newtown Edgmont Friends & Neighbors is excited to introduce Crissy Everhart as our Contributing Photographer.

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Expert Contributor: Box Stores vs. Small Businesses

Many people want to know why they should shop at a local retailer versus a big box store, where the price seems to be less. The truth is that the price may seem less, but there is a larger price to pay when the product is inferior, workmanship is sourced out and customer service is lacking.

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Expert Contributor: Will Your Surge Protection Protect When it Counts?

Most of us have purchased a TV from a major retailer and did our due diligence to ensure it is installed safely and protected. So the next step is often to purchase a point of use surge protector strip, although many people don’t really understand why they need one and why it’s important to protect their devices.

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